Snap Out of It!

Say, for reasons that are absolutely, positively, Nobody’s Fault, you find yourself in one seriously grouchy goddamn mood. Like fight-picking grouchy. Fight-picking with total strangers grouchy. And say, for the sake of argument, that you find yourself in this mood in a place and at a time that are entirely inappropriate and wasteful — during your vacation, for instance, with a view of shockingly blue ocean from your balcony. Say you want to get out of this mood, and into a more life-affirming and vacation-appreciating one Pee Dee Queue. What’s your favorite mood changer?

Mine’s usually a hard run. Just tried it. Didn’t work. Damnit.


  1. I usually try exercise, often a hard run, but you’ve already said that didn’t work. Maybe working out with a punching bag? Sometimes I’ll try a “comfort movie,” like Office Space or Dazed and Confused. I’ve also been channeling some of my frustrations in online games (stupid stuff like Tetris and Snake). Hope you find something that works….

  2. You might just want to pick fights… until you realize how silly it is… or maybe a nap or binge-drinking session. I usually end up feeling considerably different after each of these… maybe holding your breath under water?

  3. Okay, some combination of the following seems to have done the trick: a hard run, followed by enough patience to allow the endorphins to kick in; looking the mood head-on and talking about its ridiculousness; a little bit of work on a project you’re really starting to enjoy; a good lunch, accompanied by a lot of diet Coke; a sleep-of-the-dead nap, complete with very vivid dream about, shall we say, some intimate details of life with one’s own partner.

    That last (the nap, not the dream — though that was fab, too) is, I am afraid, probably what turned the corner; I had a seriously crappy night’s sleep last night. I hate it when that happens; I actually start channeling my mother in my head (“You’re just overtired.” Pat, pat, pat). Yes, I am apparently still a whiny child at heart.

  4. oh…i look at or and then i get in bed with a trashy mystery novel. i WISH exercising cheered me up, but it usually peeves me off even more. taking a walk or a drive helps some, i guess. believe it or not, back when i was in southern california, the traffic was sort of a soothing zen thing.

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