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The trip to SoCal to gather the last of my stuff, cram it in my car, and turn the condo over to my tenant (which concept weirds me out a bit) passed in a bit of a blur. There was something surreal about finding myself back in California after what seemed like months away, but that could have been nothing more than exhaustion. I landed at ONT at 7.30 pm Tuesday last, which was something on the order of 4.30 am Paris time, which my body most definitely still thought I was on. A pal picked me up and dropped my delirious self off at the condo, where I said hello to the cats, opened the mail, and completely collapsed. 36 hours later, I rolled back out of town, driving to Louisiana. And four days later, here I am, back in the town I grew up in.

Here is my impersonation of the MapQuest directions for getting from Claremont to Baton Rouge, for those interested:

1. Start out going SOUTH on INDIAN HILL BLVD. (1.2 miles)

2. Merge onto I-10 E via the ramp on the LEFT toward SAN BERNARDINO. (1787.4 miles)

3. Take the COLLEGE DR exit – EXIT 158. (0.1 miles)

And it’s a thrilling drive, needless to say. Today has been spent unpacking and settling in. Most of that is done, and I’m hopeful that actual work will begin tomorrow.



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