On the Road


— 4-hour train ride from Paris to Amsterdam

— 3-hour layover in Amsterdam

— 11-hour flight from Amsterdam to Houston

— 3-hour layover in Houston

— 1-hour flight from Houston to Baton Rouge


— 1-hour flight from Baton Rouge to Houston

— 1-hour layover in Houston

— 3-hour flight from Houston to Ontario

9 time zones; 27 hours on the road. When am I?

Tomorrow, cleaning and packing. Thursday, driving east. More soon.

4 thoughts on “On the Road

  1. Yer tellin me. And the hangover just goes on and on.

    Yours from Deming, N.M., where I have discovered that every mid-range chain hotel in every podunk town in America (or at least the western U.S., and this based on a two-town, two-night sample) has free wireless internet access.

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