On the Road


— 4-hour train ride from Paris to Amsterdam

— 3-hour layover in Amsterdam

— 11-hour flight from Amsterdam to Houston

— 3-hour layover in Houston

— 1-hour flight from Houston to Baton Rouge


— 1-hour flight from Baton Rouge to Houston

— 1-hour layover in Houston

— 3-hour flight from Houston to Ontario

9 time zones; 27 hours on the road. When am I?

Tomorrow, cleaning and packing. Thursday, driving east. More soon.


  1. Yer tellin me. And the hangover just goes on and on.

    Yours from Deming, N.M., where I have discovered that every mid-range chain hotel in every podunk town in America (or at least the western U.S., and this based on a two-town, two-night sample) has free wireless internet access.

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