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Home Again, But Not Alone

The fireworks down the street have finally stopped. Six Feet Under has just ended. And I’m home again, from another great weekend, settling back in with the cats.

But we’re not alone, alas. My little monster cats, who usually eat their way through any quantity of food left for them, hadn’t touched one of the bowls I’d left for them, and it took me longer than it ought to have to figure out why — a trail of ants, stretching all the way across the apartment, had invaded the bowl. And I’ve got a pantry moth infestation, to boot.

I’m realizing that I haven’t had to deal with vermin at all for the last several years, and I’m a little alarmed as I contemplate why. The campus maintenance and gardening folk must have routinely sprayed the hell out of the outside of the faculty residence, at a minimum. They may even have sprayed inside, but if so, I had no idea.

Ick. The point, of course, being that I’ve got to start dealing with the vermin now. So now I’m madly googling info on getting rid of ants and pantry moths, and hoping for relatively easy and low-chemical options. Any advice?


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