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Summer, Part Two

Today begins the second half of my summer. I’d say that it began yesterday, except that that would mean that I’ve already missed a day of the second half, and I’m already in something of a panic this morning about the fact that the summer is already half over, and that significant chunks of the second half are going to need to be taken up with preparations for the fall semester. Which leaves less than half of my summer to get some things done.

(And not to mention, of course, that I’ve got not one but two major trips still ahead of me this summer, which leaves even less time. I will not hyperventilate.)

In any case, I’m about to hit the freeway, driving into the city for my first day at the internship of sorts that I’ve arranged with these folks. By working with them, I’m hoping to get my multimedia skills updated to twenty-first century standards (as my last serious multimedia work ended last century) and to figure out what I need to know about structuring, designing, and producing a substantive digital narrative project. My goal for what remains of this summer (…inhale…exhale…inhale…) is to sketch out the contours of my project, and to figure out what of it can be accomplished during the fall, such that I begin my spring semester leave ready to roll.

Speaking of rolling, the 10 awaits. Happy second half, all.


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