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It’s been a week of major housekeeping since I returned from New York: first, I needed to unpack all the stuff that I moved back from Louisiana, which arrived while I was away; after that, the condo needed some serious organizing and cleaning. Just as I finished that, I began packing up and moving my office across the hall into what are some seriously palatial new digs (pictures TK, once I’ve gotten to take them). This was followed by several days of sorting and reorganizing files (may as well get some kind of real improvement out of the move, rather than just more space for the same old mess). And now I’m embarked on what may turn out to be the most time-consuming and ridiculous task yet–or what may turn out to be miraculous in the upgrade it works on my brain: I’m entering a bunch of my old paper research notes onto the computer, and I’m importing all of my old computer research notes into DEVONthink, hoping to create a powerfully searchable database of all my notes. I’m also building, for the first time, a citation database. Somehow or another I managed to get through college, grad school, and the first eight years of my professorness without ever using EndNote or anything like it, so I’m now attempting to capture everything in Bookends. (Rumors suggest the future integration of DEVONthink and Bookends, which would make me awfully happy.)

In any case, if you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because I’m up to my elbows in reorganization. More, better, and clearer-headed, soon.



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