Okay, Now I Believe It

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They arrived yesterday, proving that this project, begun in 1996, is finally, one-hundred percent, completely and totally done.

Celebration commenced roughly immediately. Recovering continues today.

(And at the risk of over-advertising, remember that you can get your very own copy here.)

10 thoughts on “Okay, Now I Believe It

  1. Congratulations! That means I only have, what, another eight years before mine’s published? Crap. You would want to ruin my Friday night, wouldn’t you?


    (No, but seriously, congrats.)

  2. Way to go! Incidentally, according to amazon.com, your book has jumped more than 400,000 spots in sales rank in the past day. Rock!

  3. Thanks, all. Of course the autograph offer still stands, e. — we’ll just have to figure out when & how. And Scott, I wish on no one the ridiculous delays this project has faced since its completion; it should have been in print years ago. Here’s hoping all these new modes of scholarly publishing we’re trying to imagine actually begin to produce more reasonable project calendars.

    And Liz — I will confess that I’ve peeked periodically at the Amazon rankings, mostly out of a perverse, self-lacerating kind of curiosity. Twice in the last couple of weeks — once the day after the public radio thing aired, and then again yesterday, for some reason — the book has gotten as high as 61,486. Which of course means that 61,485 other books sold more copies than mine did that day, which sorta puts things into perspective. But nonetheless: is it unusual to be somewhat stunned that anyone who doesn’t know me personally might actually buy this thing?

  4. ROCK ON kathleen. this looks and sounds like an exciting book. congratulations.

    i’d like to have your book reviewed for the resource center for cyberculture studies. any chance you can have your publisher send RCCS a review copy (or, preferably two; i’d love to run multiple reviews of this book)? if so, please send (and send fast – i’m moving soon) to:

    David Silver/RCCS

    Department of Communication

    University of Washington

    102 Communications

    Box 353740

    Seattle WA 98195-3740

    CONGRATULATIONS kf – it must feel gooooooood.

  5. SO EXCITED that your book is out, Kathleen. It’s such a good book–this judging from earlier drafts I read a couple years back–and I’m eager to see how it settled out. Can I procure a copy in person this summer when I’m back in the ‘shank?

  6. Wow — thanks, David! It does indeed feel gooooooood. In fact, I’m a bit shocked by the degree to which the presence of the physical object has affected me. I’ve certainly never had this feeling about a journal article’s appearance — in fact, those have always seemed a bit anticlimactic. This, on the other hand… perhaps it’s just a matter of the length of time spent on the project and the various pains of its coming-into-being. Like labor.

    And PSA! You may of course procure a copy; I’ll look forward to seeing you back in the hallowed halls. Thanks for stopping by!

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