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From my pal BT, comes word of a dangerous ripple in the blog/reality interface. A couple of weeks ago, after my back-self-patting assertion of my general rockin’ status, BT generously defined the quality of that rockitude:

It is undeniable that you rock, possibly rocking harder than many so-called “Classic Rock” acts including but not limited to BTO, Rush, Foghat, and Cheap Trick. OK, maybe not Cheap Trick, but still, you have achieved a very high standard of rockage.

I was moved by this, moved sufficiently to enthuse about it the next day.

Thanks, everybody, for the kind congrats. They mean a lot. Particularly being compared to Foghat. Man, I haven’t even thought about Foghat in a decade, at least.

Well, there are consequences to everything, and apparently that whole equal-and-opposite-reaction physics thingy obtains here in the blogosphere as well.

Rod Price, lead guitarist and founding member of British rockers Foghat, died Tuesday in Wilton, New Hampshire, after suffering head trauma from an accidental fall down a stairway. He was fifty-seven years old.

Between me and BT, the culpability here is huge. BT has forsworn even thinking about any living classic rock acts for the duration of this warp in the web. I just want to go on record as saying that I don’t rock so much harder than any other rocking folk that the world should take it out on them.

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