The State of the Blog

GZombie wrote a few days ago about his concern that his blog had jumped the shark, and I’ve got to admit, I’ve been wondering something of the same thing about Planned Obsolescence over the last couple of months. My concern is less that all of my posting has been personal of late (though there’s something of that in there, too) than it is that I just seem much less driven to post of late. It’s much more rare, these days, for me to stumble across something and think “I’ve got to blog that!” In part, I guess, because my level of busyness makes it much less likely that I’m going to stumble across something. And I’ve got less time for rumination. And all of my scholarly projects are at the moment in the finishing-up stage, rather than the starting-up phase when it’s helpful to use the blog for thinking out loud.

What’s funny is that I miss it; I miss the rush of writing something new, of sparking a little bit of conversation, of seeing that conversation ripple outward and reflect conversations taking place elsewhere. I miss that sense of connection most of all.

I’m sure this is just another common blog-phase — the crisis of confidence, the waning of passion, something. And I’m sure I’ll get past it, once I can clear my head of the uninteresting but stress-inducing stuff that’s rattling around in there, once I can reclaim a little bit of time every day just to read, and think, and figure out where my interests are headed next.

2 thoughts on “The State of the Blog

  1. Yes, I’ve found that my energy for blogging waxes and wanes. Over the summer I had a long dry spell. Then I’ll suddenly find something that I really want input on, and it often sparks a new surge of energy.

  2. I’ve hit a point like that with blogging, too. My personal blogs have gotten lazy and boring. I haven’t posted anything good on my class blog in a long time. I went on a search for good blogs this morning, looking for inspiration maybe, and I saw yours cited on, thought your name sounded familiar, then realized a few of my friends took your classes back when we were undergrads…

    So now I’m milking the great links you’ve got on your side bar.

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