I Need Advice

Happy consumerist techno-geek advice, that is.

Is there any particular reason you can think of that I shouldn’t buy myself an iPod?

Or perhaps you might want to help talk me into it. In which case: 40GB? Or the less profligate 20GB?


  1. There is no reason not to.

    I’ve got one and it makes me happy. Stick that in the simple joys category. As to size, unless you plan on burning your Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book on tape/CD, even the small size has enough room for 3-5 days of 24/7 music depending upon quality.

    (I admit to coveting a larger size now just for the above reason and future drives from Rochester to Atlanta).

  2. I’ve got a new pal here who swears that his iPod is the one consumer item he’s purchased that he’s unreservedly happy about — no guilt, no buyer’s remorse, no anything but happy. This, I find very persuasive.

    Matt, I did follow your deliberations, but you’re a Windows guy, right? I’m pretty much all Mac, all the time, so I think the iPod really makes the most sense for me, if I’m buying anything at all.

    And Harry Potter aside, I think I’m leaning toward the big one because of its potential to serve as a super-portable FireWire drive in addition to everything else. With 40GB — that is, a month — for music, I can probably give up a GB or two for a pocket-sized backup drive…

  3. Had I a mac and the money, I would definitely buy an ipod. They’re small, light, good-looking, and hold a ton of music, plus they work with itunes and are generally great. It seems like the easiest and safest bet on the market.

  4. Yup, I do Windows. And I’d almost certainly have gone iPod if I were a Mac person. Still, one thing that scared me off of iPod for Windows is the battery. iPod batteries are non-replaceable, so if performance wanes after a year or two of use, well, you’re stuck with it. Not a reason not to get an iPod at the end of the day I suspect, but still something to consider.

  5. Hmm. The battery thing, I hadn’t thought about. That is a drawback — except that I used the original batteries in the four different PowerBooks I’ve owned for years. So I guess I’m hoping Apple’s got the battery thing pretty well worked out.

    Have any of you had (or do you know anyone who has had) iPod battery trouble?

  6. the great thing about having an iPod and a Mac is that you can pay a rather low fee and get all kinds of goodness from audible.com such as mostly anything from NPR/PRI right onto your iPod. you can even get the NYT every morning read for you. it is an abridged version i gather but that is still rather swell. so i would go for the 40GB one keeping in mind that you may be archiving oodles of NPR. that is what i would do if i had a mac and etc.

  7. You know, I was poking around audible.com, and looking at the 34-hour Anna Karenina, and thinking about being kicked back, eyes shut, listening to Tolstoy on a long flight.

    Well, the order has been placed: it’s the 40GB, and I even sprung for the $8 faster shipping. I’ll undoubtedly be gushing about the thing here soon.

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