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Things I Wish I Had Written, Part 1

From Rory comes the Victorian Boy’s Guide to Blogging. Go forth and read it yourself, with the first verse below to entice you:

The nicely tended weblog
Should every rise and ebb log
Of its author’s ever-changing mood:
His transient obsessions
And Rousseau-like confessions;
And once or twice a link just might intrude.
Choose your subject well,
And then proceed to tell
Everything you know: about, say, Food.
A dozen posts should do–
Then on to pastures new.
It matters not, provided it’s not lewd.
(What’s that? See here now, sir,
Don’t cater to one browser;
It doesn’t matter how on earth it’s viewed.)

About what follows — well, let me just say that there’s a gorgeous a/nother enjambment in verse two that absolutely set my heart a-flutter.


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