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I'm Not Dead Yet

But I am drowning.

Jake writes to ask where the heck I’ve been, which is a really, really good question.

Alas, I’ve been more or less right here, grading papers for class, reading senior thesis drafts, desperately trying to get the paper written that I’m delivering this week in France…

And thus I’ve had no thoughts worth sharing, unless you find yourself interested in the babblings of someone periodically exclaiming “Where is for physical locations only! Use in which to talk about parts of the text!” Or “That quote isn’t going to do all the work for you! You must explicate, explicate, explicate!”

When I am grading, I think in exclamation points. And no one here wants to read my exclamation points.

Ah, but tomorrow, I’m leaving for France. (Have I packed? No. Do I have a plane ticket? Yes. That, I consider a major triumph.) I’m speaking at a conference of the Laboratoire Orléans-Tours de la Littérature Américaine (otherwise known as LOLitA), focusing on the work of Richard Powers. (Along which lines, I get quoted here.) So things could be worse.

(Apparently stress also produces an abundance of parentheticals. A sure sign not of too little to say but too much, and no time for proper organizing.)

In any event, I’m outta here until Sunday, but will hope to post from there, if this “world-wide” part of the web allows.


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