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Saying Goodbye

Invisible Adjunct is calling it quits, both leaving the academy and shutting down the blog. Having given herself a deadline for finding full-time employment, and having been failed by the job market once again, she is following through, and moving on.

Reading IA has been an important aspect of my blog-life this year, and her departure will leave a significant hole there. I’ve had a hair-raising year, but reading her always trenchant commentary on the contemporary state of the academy has never failed to remind me that I have the luxury of griping about things, in this space, without fear — under my own name, for the most part, with my students reading, in the safety first of a tenure-track and now of a tenured position. And reading the conversations of her commenters has made me more carefully assess why it is I do this job, why I continue to value it, and, not least, that at times someone else is forced to bear the costs of my success.

My fondest hope, tonight, is that we’ll soon find the Invisible Adjunct in the blogosphere again, no longer adjunct to anything, but central, and completely visible.


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