Merry Merry

Hear that?

That is the sound of the complete absence of my family from the immediate vicinity. Let’s all just enjoy it for a minute, shall we?


I’m sitting in the President’s Club in the Houston airport, soaking up the free wi-fi and eating as many peanuts as I could possibly want while I gorge myself on all the blogs I could only glance at for the last eight days. Said glancing was done on my parents’ Wintel, which just gives me the screaming meemies every time I have to work on it. So it’s nice to be able to open up the old PB again, especially since there isn’t somebody looming over my shoulder asking what I’m doing, accusing me of being anti-social, or just plain insisting that I drop whatever I’m doing to (a) run an errand, (b) eat yet another meal, or (c) just come sit in the living room with the rest of us.

Christmas was, on the whole, a success: no major emotional outbursts, including the one evening when I was this far from screaming that everybody just needed to leave me the fuck alone and stop treating me like I’m twelve already; no illness or injury; no bloody snow. (Who knew, incidentally, that that was one I needed to be worried about? Houston Intergalactic is completely devoid of the white stuff on the ground, thankfully, but not far south of here, things are blanketed.) As to gifts, I got one of these, which I didn’t even know existed, but which is wholly appropriate.

Because with all the pressure I’ve been under lately, I might as well put it to good use.

3 responses to “Merry Merry”

  1. Christmas. Can’t win either way, huh? I’ve been thinking “maybe I should have gone home” but you remind me so well of what happens when one does go home.

    The pressure cooker looks cool. Be sure to let us know if you use it a lot and if it is a great addition to the kitchen.

  2. KF,

    Have you used the pressure cooker yet? Are you waiting until you have arrived in the new digs?

  3. Not yet, sad to say. The pressure cooker was given to me in Louisiana, and I immediately hopped a plane for D.C., leaving the pressure cooker and other assorted gifts to be shipped to California. Given the packing madness that I’ll be returning to, once I head back southwest, I’ll be unlikely to get to try it out until I’m settled in the new digs. But that’s okay; gives me something (else) to look forward to!

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