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Running Log, Week 5

Mileage for week: 21

Number of run days: 4

Long run for week: 7

Aches, pains, complaints: This was supposed to be a 22-mile, 5-run day week, but the grading and the condo and the travel and the family interfered, so I took two miles from the 3-mile day I missed and tacked them onto a 4-mile day, running six instead. Whatever; it worked. I’m feeling pretty good, overall — this was my first 20-plus mile week since 1997. No aches or pains, just stress; I look forward to running this week without obsessing about grading every step of the way. (Of course, now I’m obsessing about tile instead, i.e., did the floor people install the wrong tile in my bathrooms and entry way, and can I figure it out, much less do anything about it, when I won’t be in Claremont for three weeks?) This week is going to be the first real running challenge of training, mostly in terms of getting away from the family long enough to run — but in case it helps anybody out there: a marathon-training schedule is, I’ve decided, an indispensable accessory to familial relations. “I need an hour away from you; please leave me alone” never goes over quite as well as “today’s a five-mile day; I’ll be back in an hour or so.”


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