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I walked down to check on the condo’s progress yesterday afternoon, and stumbled across a colleague, who came to check the place out with me. This was the first time that anyone other than R. has seen the joint, so I was pleased when I discovered that there was actually something to show off: the kitchen!


I found myself amazed, once again, by that whole optical illusion thing whereby a space that is completely devoid of furnishings looks smaller than one that’s actually got stuff in it; I’d been a little concerned over the last few weeks that the kitchen was seeming smaller than I remembered, but now that the cabinets are in, it actually seems much bigger.

This is also the first time I’ve gotten to see the cabinets and the countertops together, and though the granite is massively dusty here, you can nonetheless get a sense of how the whole thing will look.


The odd sheet of paper in the middle of the countertop is covering my lovely sink, which has been installed. (As have my toilets, and my showerheads, and my bathroom cabinets. I held off on taking pictures of those, not out of any sense of decorum, but only because the bathroom counters and sinks weren’t in yet, and I wanted to wait for those.)

My colleague was a bit surprised by the whole return to the kitchen-in-the-middle-of-the-living-area thing that the loft’s layout produces, but I have to say I’m just ecstatic about that–especially given the way that the fun part of any party always seems to segregate itself in the kitchen. Now, instead, one room, and we’re all in it.


You’ll notice that there’s a big empty spot on the far right-hand side of the kitchen, where it looks like a cabinet’s missing. Indeed it is; apparently there was an installation mishap with one cabinet, which sits broken in the living room. I assume they’re waiting for a replacement.

Broken Cabinet

Anyhow, between the installed kitchen and the sense that my colleague has that the place looks like it’ll be ready in about a month–a month!–I’m beside myself with excitement. The baseboards have been installed, which I would have thought came after the flooring, but whatever. What remains, at this point, as far as I can tell, are electrical outlets and switches, some light fixtures, the bathroom sinks and counters, plumbing for the kitchen sink, the flooring, appliances, railings for the balconies, and a good coat of paint. I imagine there’s probably more, but I’m not thinking of it this morning.

Instead, this morning, I’m typing with numb fingers, as it’s positively freezing here–and by freezing, of course, I mean freezing for Southern California, where it’s gotten down to about 40 the last two nights. Saturday night, it poured, and so yesterday, looking out from my soon-to-be living room balcony, the mountains were simply glorious.

Winter View

Alas, the glory didn’t quite get captured as fully as I’d like; I’m still wrestling with the new camera a bit. It’s got this Automatic White Balance “feature,” which makes many pictures taken in the glary, hazy SoCal light appear overexposed and washed-out. So I’m experimenting with stepping down the exposure, but… well, I’m experimenting.

Now back to grading.



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