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Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 13:  Small Things

As I expected, work is continuing apace on the condo, but the changes, though significant, are mostly small. There are some larger things happening, such as the installation of the bathroom counters and sinks (witness here the righthand side of the master bathroom, an unsatisfying shot, but the best that could be done in the time I had available).

[Master Bath](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/masterbath.jpg','Master Bath',470,620);>)

Otherwise, though, the changes are a bit subtle. My garage, for instance, which increases in cleanliness by the day —


— is now home to my hot water heater.

[Hot Water Heater](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/hotwater.jpg','Hot Water Heater',620,470);>)

My dining room now has its hanging light fixture in place, which I’m happy to report is not the godawful chandelier I thought I was going to have to take down first thing upon moving in, but something actually workable:

[Light Fixture](<javascript:popem('/images/gallery/condo/lightfixture.jpg','Light Fixture',620,470);>)

My lovely balcony view now comes with a railing:


And my kitchen. Which continues to make me happier than a kitchen ought, every time I see it. Notable additions: the missing cabinet; the stove (under the visquine); some paint; drawer and cabinet hardware, and assorted electrical outlets and wall plates. Not visible: the dishwasher, which has also been installed, and the microwave oven/hood, which is in a big crate to the left of the spot I’m taking this picture from:


Ah, forget your fame, your fortune, your exotic locales; happiness truly is a set of brushed-nickel fixtures and the knowledge that you’re going to get to move in soon.

(Oh, but on that whole free-money deal from last week; my lender, always looking out for me, has nixed the plan, wisely pointing out that I’ll have no leverage with which to get problems fixed if the final inspection happens after the builder already has my money. So I’m not sure of the timeline now, but things are nonetheless moving right along.)


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