Running Log, Week 4

Mileage for week: 15

Number of run days: 5

Long run for week: 3

Aches, pains, complaints: This was a lower-mileage week designed to get me over the hump from running four days a week to running five. It went okay, though that fifth run was a little brutal (a fact I’m sure had nothing to do with the mass quantities of champagne I’d consumed the night before). On the whole, things are going well; I’ve upped the stretching of my hips, and that’s helped a good deal with the lower-back soreness. I’ve also discovered that my base easy-mileage pace is a good bit faster than it used to be, which is a nice thing to find out. The schedule ramps up quickly from here, though, so I’m still pretty cautious in my optimism.

2 responses to “Running Log, Week 4”

  1. You managed to run after a night of champagnery? When I’m in that situation, I can hardly get off the couch. I doff my cap to you.

  2. I’m torn between making a braggartly comment about my general level of studliness, a self-deprecating comment about my very high post-frivolity guilt levels, or a more honest comment about how the combination of stubborn adherence to a goal-based schedule and the knowledge that I’d actually feel better if I sweated some of those post-champagne toxins right out of my system managed to get me out the door and onto the treadmill.

    Um. Yeah. That last one, I guess.

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