Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 5

So now that I’m back in the land of connectivity —

— well, I have to qualify that. Not long ago, we moved office, and when we arrived in our newly-refurbished, fabulously modern and yet not characterless renovated building, there was a small hitch. You’ll best grasp this through a bit of illustration, I think. Here’s a lovely picture of my office, from the vantage point of my door:


And here’s a reverse shot, from the vantage point of my desk. You’ll notice something a bit odd at the extreme right of the image:


That odd little protrusion in the wall behind my filing cabinet is the phone/ethernet jack for my office. Which, as you may have gathered, is nowhere near my desk. I’ve spent the last three months with cables trailing across the office, which were only really an issue when I wanted to access the built-in shelves behind and to the left of my desk. As I was pretty convinced that I was one day going to trip and kill myself, and as I frankly just found the exposed wires ugly, I asked campus maintenance if they could do something about it.

Which they did.

I came in to the office one day week before last to discover that somebody had installed mouldings most of the way along my floorboards, intended to channel the cables “invisibly” along the wall:


However, because of this, the tripping-problem actually became worse, as my ethernet cable was simply too short to make it all the way across the room along the edge of the wall. One call to my trusty tech-support folks, and —

Well, while I was gone, she apparently brought by a longer cable, but couldn’t figure out how to get it through the moulding. So campus maintenance came back, ran the new cable through the existing moulding, and then finished running the molding the rest of the way around the side of my desk.

There’s only one problem: I had the PowerBook with me at the conference, and so the maintenance guys couldn’t conceivably have known where on the desk I usually kept the computer–except that there was ONE BIG EMPTY SPACE on the desk, where a bunch of other unplugged cables were lingering. That might have been a clue. Nonetheless, the new, longer ethernet cable remains at least three feet too short to reach any actually working spot on my desk, unless, say, one were to pry open the moulding and pull the cable out through the edge of it, stretching it toward a reasonable plug-in spot:


And that’s why I’m out of time to post any actual pictures of the condo-in-process (now with windows!) today.

That, and that I haven’t yet prepared for the class that I have to teach in ten minutes.

But more pictures, and windows, soon.

6 responses to “Monday Morning Condo Blogging, vol. 5”

  1. That is pa-fuckin-thetic. I don’t know why I’m surprised, but I am.

  2. I like the ladder, though!

  3. I’ve also got a phone jack/ethernet connection from hell problem, which I’ve “solved” by keeping my phone on the floor. (Basically, if the phone isn’t on the floor, I run the risk of killing myself by falling over the cords.) Needless to say, this results in moments of indignity if the phone rings while a student is in the office.

  4. The ladder is pretty cool, huh?

    So I’ve temporary solved the problem: thanks to the ingenuity and the generosity of one of my students, I am now the proud borrower of a 5-foot ethernet cable and an inline coupler. (Frankly, I just like to say “inline coupler.”)

    That’s the good news. The bad news is that this renovation cost the college millions, and yet we’re still dealing with this kind of stupid nonsense.

  5. You seem to be becoming a specialist in this type of weblog entry. Remember the Sony episode?

  6. Sigh. Do I ever. Perhaps I should abandon “Planned Obsolescence” for “The Obsolescence of Anyone Performing a Technology-Related Job Who Manages to Do It Right the First TIme, Thereby Not Making My Life That Much More Aggravating.”

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