New Feature:  Gallery

I’ve been poking around all day in the recent upgrade to ExpressionEngine, which I installed yesterday. The major add-on in this release is a new image gallery module, which I’ve decided to take advantage of. I’m hitting a few speedbumps in the process, but I’m gradually getting the gallery online, with the most recent condo images appearing first. Comments are open; feedback is welcome.

[UPDATE, 06.15.07: As ExpressionEngine is no more, the gallery is likewise gone. Just as well; it apparently attracted monster amounts of comment spam once I stopped paying attention to it.]

2 thoughts on “New Feature:  Gallery

  1. There are some good things to be said about using Flickr, yes. But I’m pretty committed now to EE as my overall CMS, and it’s valuable for me to keep everything in one location. Not to mention that I’ve already got enormous amounts of disk space and bandwidth through my hosting provider, and would have to get a paid Flickr account to do what I’m hoping to do with this gallery. And given the apparent state of my finances for the next couple of years, I’ve got to make what I’ve already got do as much work for me as possible.

    That said, there’s gotta be a way to work up an RSS feed from the gallery. I’ll have to check into it.

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