Susan Sontag, 1933-2004

According to the New York Times, Susan Sontag died today of complications from acute myelogenous leukemia.

I’m a bit in shock, I think. Against Interpretation was one of the books that drove me back into grad school, determined to write about contemporary culture in a way both smart and approachable. Today, what smarts I have are escaping me, and I’m left with precious little of interest to say.

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  1. Francois Lachance Avatar
    Francois Lachance

    Haven’t you begun to say things of interest? Wouldn’t Sontag’s writings support you in the position that the saying of things of interest is a project that unfolds? That there is no speaking once and for all time, no capital “W” Word of Power that brings forever finality?

    What was it about Against Interpretation that inspired that return [?] to graduate school? An essay in particular?

    A blog hommage possibility — once a month over the course of the next year — to write a brief entry on one of the essays from Against Interpretation.

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