Now Here’s Something I Never Thought I’d Say

Thank god for Texas.

Texas governor Rick Perry earlier today announced that he has cleared the schedule of the Astrodome in Houston through December, and is opening it as a long-term shelter, welcoming all those who are currently being evacuated from the Superdome, as well as those who’ve already taken temporary shelter elsewhere. The state of Texas, he announced, will not merely put a roof over these displaced people’s heads, but will feed them and provide any medical care they require.

What’s more, he’s also ordered Texas schools to open their doors to the children among these displaced folks, saying that they should be considered residents of the state of Texas as long as they’re there. Perry said, moreover, that the displaced are welcome as long as they want to stay. “These are our neighbors,” he said. “These are people in need and Texas is going to do everything we can in our power to help.”

Thank you, Governor Perry, from the bottom of my heart.


  1. As someone who is also waiting to hear from family and friends in Lousisiana, I am similarly grateful for Governor Perry’s incredible generosity. I guess we can’t judge all of Texas by one former resident (and recent vacationer).

  2. Indeed, incline. I remembered this evening that, during the press conference, Gov. Perry mentioned that he had been talking, over the previous 72 hours, with his colleague, Gov. Bush of Florida, and had said to him, ‘we are the bracketing states of this disaster; what are we going to do about it?’

    We see what Texas has done. Has anybody heard anything from Florida today?


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