The Beauty Part

Here’s the brilliant thing. And that I am saying this is not just attributable to the martini(s) earlier this evening imbibed, but said beverages no doubt don’t hurt. The brilliant thing is that my parents got their power back this morning, and were able to email me. And told me that they’re flying in tomorrow, as previously planned, downfall of Western civilization notwithstanding.

And the beauty part of this, knowing my parents, is that this means that these are not the last martinis that I’ll consume this weekend.

So: parents are alive and shortly huggable. And martinis are plentiful, and parentally sanctioned.

And a little escape, perhaps, might well be in order.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty Part

  1. I’m so glad theyre safe. Once all the horror stories started coming out the first thing i thought of were you and Liz and the fact that both of you have friends and relatives down there. 🙁 I hope that good news continues to emerge.

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