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On the Brighter Side

First off, there are still two full weeks left, plus a full day of packing. And the longest time I’ve spent here before was two weeks, so it’s just like that trip all over again.

Secondly, I’ve begun thinking to myself of things that I will actually kinda look forward to upon getting back home. Not in an ugly-American, everything in Europe is so old kind of way, but in a you know, I guess things here aren’t all bad kind of way.

Like a shower I can turn around in without bumping into something. A plumbing system that allows someone to flush the toilet while someone else is in said shower without said someone else getting alternately scalded and then frozen. A bed so big it deserves its own zip code.

Then there’s the stuff that I just need to get back to: like my gym, and a predominantly vegetable-oriented diet. Mostly because I’ll be bringing back some unwanted extra baggage home with me.

But I’m in no hurry. I’m really hoping that these turn out to be two very, very long weeks.


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