4 thoughts on “The Happiest Person in Paris

  1. Thanks for sending it our way — I am now the happiest person in Diversitown!

    There I was at 6:35, reading my paper on our patio with a cup of chicory coffee, when I hear weird pitter-pats. I thought it was some bird-related mischief — such sounds usually are. It was only when the raindrops got strong enough to penetrate the chinaberry tree did I realize, “Duh, it’s raining!” Totally unexpected, and totally welcome.

  2. I think it’s stopped, but it was raining — albeit lightly — for a good hour and a half. Not a full-on soak, but a fortuitous beginning to the annual rain year. (For you non-Californians, the water year here is measured July 1-June 30.)

  3. After the driest season in the history of dry seasons, I’ll take it. In no small part because of the percentage of that rain that usually comes in the second half of the year, rather than the first. I do hope this means something…

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