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The good news is that I’ve gotten my exercise today: after dragging the suitcase to the train station, and up and down the various flights of stairs between its entrance and the entrance to the airport, I was sent by the monitors to the far end of the airport to check in, only to find that in fact I needed the near end of the airport after all. And then, after the appointed wait, I walked the half-mile to the gate, only to find that my flight’s been delayed by an hour and a half, so I’ve now walked the half-mile back to the lounge.

The other good news is that my 4.5 hour layover in Houston is now something more like a 3 hour layover. (Though bizarrely the Continental website is saying we’ll only be 15 minutes late, which will be something of a feat!) And the other other good news is that I’ve still got room to spare, in the event of further delays.

And there’s plenty of coffee, and hot and cold running internet. So I guess it’s all good news from here.



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