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Senioring a Young Field

In the coming year, I’m going to be going up for a promotion review, and along with all the other attendant stress work, I need to develop a list of potential outside reviewers for my case. (I’m replacing “stress” with “work” here in no small part because this review has far lower stakes than the last; if it doesn’t go well, the worst that will happen is that my feelings will be hurt.)

Here’s the thing, though: for this particular review, all the outside reviewers have to be full professors. And while there are a fair number of full profs in media studies, broadly construed, most of them are in film studies on the one hand, or have come out of communication on the other — which is to say that either their object or their methods bear very little in common with mine.

So I need to develop a list of full professors who are working in digital media studies from a humanities-based critical/theoretical viewpoint, and I’ve decided to attempt to crowd-source this list, not least because I know that there are several folks out there not far behind me who will have need of this list in the not-too-distant future.

The more inclusive and extensive the list, the better, I think, so I’m including folks whose work literally grows out of media studies along with those whose work (like mine) has come to media studies from a more traditional humanities discipline. I’ll begin with a few that occur to me right off the bat:

Cathy Davidson, Duke University N. Katherine Hayles, Duke University Henry Jenkins, University of Southern California Anne Balsamo, University of Southern California Alan Liu, University of California, Santa Barbara Anna Everett, University of California, Santa Barbara Jeffrey Schnapp, Stanford University Neil Fraistat, University of Maryland Jerome McGann, University of Virginia Johanna Drucker, University of Virginia

I know I’m missing some obvious names, and there are probably many less obvious ones as well. Who should be added to this list? Are there other ways to approach such a list that I’m not thinking of?


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