One Hundred Twelve

As in degrees.

As in temperature, not heat index.

As in yesterday’s high here in Claremont.

They’re predicting 107 for today, but they’ve been consistently five or six degrees low on their predictions all summer.


(And now it’s pouring here, in the land of the no-rain-before-November. Raining sideways. Huge Louisiana thunderstorm style rain. I’m beginning to think apocalyptic type thoughts.)

3 thoughts on “One Hundred Twelve

  1. I’m exceedingly dubious of that bank sign; I’ve seen it have some seriously wonky readings. That said, the current readings out of St. Mark’s Episcopal in Upland (our nearest weatherbug site) say it’s 92. Which is not bad for 2.40 in the afternoon. Maybe all that rain actually managed to cool things down a little…

  2. I have further evidence for you:

    It was so hot over the weekend (when the office was unairconditioned) that the granola bar in my desk drawer melted. No chocolate coating, no chocolate chips, just oats and almonds stuck together with malt syrup and HFCS. All the stickum turned to liquid (and leaked out of the packaging), the ingot fell apart, and I arrived to a weird puddle of wrapper-in-goo.

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