Progress, Sorta

I’m now 28 pages into an article that I wanted to be around 25 pages long, and I’ve got at least another 5 pages of analysis and conclusion to write before the thing is complete. Annoyingly, the first 20-ish pages of the article hold together pretty darn well — ideas move from one section to the next in what seems to be a fairly logical progression — and then in the last six pages (of what I’ve written, that is) it begins to crumble a bit.

I just want to be done with this article. I’ve got two more things that I really have to get written before the end of August, and I can’t get going on them until this is done already.

End whinge. Back to work.

One thought on “Progress, Sorta

  1. A break from the flow of writing and a move towards diagramming the argument per page ration might help. It sometimes is useful to draw a picture of what is going on in the article. It is a technique to discover that what is left might be enough or where the page-argument ratio might be tightened up. Such a synoptic view is achieved by outline tools and in some cases by the use of presentation software that emulate a slide table.

    Good luck imagining a re-imaging of the article.

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