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Hey, this is cool: the Amazon page for The Anxiety of Obsolescence now has “Search Inside” capability. So now, in addition to the bits of text I put up over here, you can also search the rest of the text over there.

3 thoughts on “Search Inside

  1. Of course, this might mean a few less copies sold, since poor schlubs like me* have been known to use the search feature to read a book three pages at a time rather than buy it.

    Quick professional question: do you think having three publications (articles in decent journals) is any better on the job market than having two? I’m trying to decide how to respond to a revise-and-resubmit request.

    – – – –

    * – Although in this instance, I’ll be purchasing a copy, hopefully to be autographed by the author in December.

  2. Actually, studies* have shown that making the text available online generally results in increased rather than decreased sales, as folks get drawn in by what they can find and then decide they’d rather read it in print.

    As to your question: My basic sense is that more is nearly always better, particularly if they’re good journals.

    *Don’t ask me to cite these studies. I read that somewhere and I can’t for the life of me remember where.

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