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One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

So I’ve still got Six Feet Under on the brain. Spoilers, below the fold.

I’ve been bothered, since watching the final episode’s final episodes, the flash-forwards to the deaths of all the central characters, by the incongruity of one of those deaths. Everybody else dies “naturally”: Ruth passes away in the hospital; Rico has a heart attack; David succumbs to something sudden like a heart attack or a stroke; Brenda gets talked to death by Billy; Claire slips away in her bed. Only Keith dies unnaturally, shot during an armored-car robbery.

The first thing that annoyed me about this was that, of course, they had to make it the black guy who gets shot, while everybody else gets to live out their full life spans. But there was something else in that shot that just didn’t seem right, and it took me a while to put it together.

It’s this: the armored car Keith is climbing out of the back of is labeled “Charles Security.” He’s the owner of the freaking company. And he’s pushing about 60 at the time. And he’s wearing a rent-a-cop uniform and carrying a bag of cash out of the back of the truck? I don’t think so.

Keith’s is in a certain way the most upsetting of all the deaths we see, in no small part because it’s a totally senseless death, both in that he’s killed rather than just dying, and in that the whole scenario just makes no damn sense. It should have been some minimum-wage lackey who got shot, not Keith.


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