Remember the buying spree I had the luxury to go on this summer? A quick recap: under the auspices of a collection of small grants, I got to purchase some new equipment and some software that I’d been meaning to pick up for a while. All has arrived, all is installed, all is in beautiful working order.

Among the software packages I purchased was a copy of Macromedia Studio MX 2004. I had been running a, um, borrowed copy of Studio MX for eons, and knew I needed to make an honest woman of myself, so I happily purchased the full (though academic) version, rather than an upgrade. I installed Studio MX 2004 on July 5.

I’m a little behind on the news, apparently, but the day I left for Hawaii, Macromedia announced the imminent release of Studio 8, with what appear to be some fairly significant changes (not least, the dumping of Freehand, balanced by the inclusion of Contribute). And they’ve simplified their pricing structure, particularly with regard to upgrades: no matter which version you’re upgrading from, you pay the same price. And they’ve included a free-upgrade policy for folks who’ve bought Studio MX 2004 recently.

Recently. Meaning since July 8.



  1. Since Adobe recently bought Macromedia, I wouldn’t sweat missing out on Studio 8 as I’m sure in a year there will be some suite or studio that’ll solve your every web and graphic produciton need.

    In March I picked up Adobe CS, only to have CS2 come out shortly thereafter. Stupid technology.

    Hi, by the way. I occasionally swing by your blog, but have never commented.

  2. Hey there, Jon! Nice to know you’re out there. You’re right; I shouldn’t sweat this upgrade, and wouldn’t, except it looks as though the shift from Flash 7 to 8 may be pretty substantive.

    But whatever. I’ll either get it or I won’t. I emailed the customer service folks at Macromedia, who helpfully told me, “heck, go ahead and apply for the free upgrade anyway. I can’t promise you it’ll work, but it’s worth a try!” So why not.

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