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A listserv I frequent has, on and off, had a bit of conversation about the plight of adjuncts in the academy, and one listmember this morning posted a link here, mentioning my recent post on the Chronicle article about Invisible Adjunct. (Hi there, wallace-l!)

Another listmember followed this post, however, with a link to a Village Voice article about adjunctification, exploitation, and the Internet, which includes references to IA. It’s a great article, and it gets at the madness of encouraging smart undergraduates to go to grad school in a market in which the vast majority will never break even on their investment.

But here’s the creepy thing about it: I think that the article’s author, Anya Kamenetz, is the daughter of a couple of old profs of mine from my MFA days. The last time I saw her, I think she was six.

I am, officially, old.


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