1. Wow, that was an unexpected outcome. Assuming you are indeed Walter Kirn, thanks, and the book will shortly be in the mail.

    Just in case you aren’t really Walter Kirn, however, I’ve deleted the address’s particulars. Or, frankly, even if you are. There are some real nutbars out there, and I’m not sure I’d want anyone to have that easy a time googling my home address.

  2. Of course, as soon as I wrote that, I was overcome with a powerful urge to find out just how easy it is to come up with my home address via the internet.

    It’s appallingly easy.

  3. I’ve been on this computer for the past half-hour trying to find some way to send Mr. Kirn a letter. Is there any way that you coul email me his address or maybe… just maybe… he could send it to me himself…? I actually could just email him if that would be better… and I’m not sure if anyone checks this anymore, anyway.

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