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Productivity, On the Road

I’ve written before about how productive I manage to be while I’m on the road, whether it’s a matter of working on planes or in hotels (something I’d swear I’ve blogged, but can’t find an appropriate link for right now). Something about a change of venue, and the enforced disconnection from all the trappings of my regular life, makes me both efficient and focused. And thankfullly, my trip to Montreal has been no exception. In the last two days I have:

— polished that article draft and prepared to send it off on its merry way;

— designed the syllabus for the senior seminar I’m teaching this fall;

— ordered the books for said seminar;

— finished reading and taking notes on a key text for the paper I’m giving at BlogTalk.

And I’ve still got tomorrow’s enormous day of travel ahead of me.

All I have to say, though, is that it’s a good thing I’m productive on the road, because the tenatively scheduled trip to NYC did get confirmed and ticketed, and so I’ve got two days at home before jetting off again. And when I get back to Claremont after that trip, it’ll be the 24th, and we’ll be in the last mad sprint to the start of the fall semester.


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