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Confirmed and ticketed:

  • August 10-15 — Montr?©al; American Sociological Association.*
  • September 28-October 6 — Paris and Vienna; BlogTalk Reloaded.**
  • October 26-29 — Austin; Flow.


  • August 18-23ish — New York (if meeting is scheduled).
  • October 20-22 — Portland; NITLE symposium on learning management systems at liberal arts colleges (if proposal is accepted).

Almost certain, but too early to make plans:

  • December 18-25ish — Baton Rouge.
  • December 26-29 — Philadelphia, MLA.
  • December 29-January somethingth — Paris. (Yippee!)

*No, I haven’t changed fields; I’m on a joint search committee doing preliminary interviews there.

**The Paris part of the journey is both for fun and for economy, believe it or not. A roundtrip ticket from SoCal to Vienna is currently in the $1300 vicinity, and requires me to fly in and out of LAX, which adds another 3 hours to the journey, and is without question the worst part of the trip. I managed, instead, to get a roundtrip ticket on Continental from ONT to CDG for $1000 (still more than I’d like to have spent, but it has good travel times and is, alas, pretty much the going rate) and a roundtrip ticket on Air France from CDG to VIE for $175. And all the better, I save some money on hotels, and get to hang out with my pal Marcus!



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