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Panic, or Something Close to It

I completely collapsed again last night, apparently not as recovered from my jet lag as I’d thought. I was dead asleep before 10 pm last night — but then woke up in a cold sweat sometime before 2 am. A serious cold sweat — I actually had to move to another spot on the bed because the sheets were too damp to stay put.

And that was the end of sleep last night. As soon as I woke up I began thinking, which is never a good thing, particularly when what I’m thinking about is how I’ve managed to dig myself into another hole, work-wise, taking on way too much and suddenly finding myself uncertain that I’ll actually be able to get everything done. I’ve got, depending on how you count them, two or three major projects that are going to need serious attention over the next six to eight months. That’s not counting my own writing project, which I’m now realizing is going to have to be put off until the December break, and then again until summer. And my administrative responsibilities at the college are, I’ll only say, mounting.

Yesterday afternoon I was quite convinced that I could manage all this. At 2 am, not so much. I’ve now spent the last three hours trying to get some clarity on the situation, and while I’m not exactly in what I’d call a panic over the situation, I’m not all that far away. I think if I’m going to survive this, I’m going to need a really good research assistant or two, particularly next semester. That and a really, really good scheduling system and task prioritizer.

Now to draw a deep breath and plunge in…


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