Where I’ve Been, and Where I’m Likely to Be

While the panic has subsided (in no small part due to my having woken the fuck up and said NO, thank you, to a new administrative task that I was being asked to take on), my workload has not diminished. If anything, the stack in front of me has grown in the last week, and exponentially.

And so I’m at it, reading big piles of stuff, writing letters of recommendation, conducting interviews, producing reports.

Oh yeah, and thinking about how it might be a good idea to write the presentation that I’m going to be giving at the conference I’m going to this weekend. That too.

The funny thing is, is that I’m doing all this writing about blogging these days — the BlogTalk talk, the Claremont Discourse lecture I gave last week, and now the blogs-as-learning-management-systems talk coming up in Portland. But the more I write about blogging, the less I seem to do it. And the long-range forecast for the blogging thing isn’t really looking so great right now. I’ll hope to get back in the groove here soon; the longer I’m away, the harder it is to get going again…

One thought on “Where I’ve Been, and Where I’m Likely to Be

  1. Hey, good on ya for saying no. Having just come back from a conference where there was a lot of talk about issues facing minority and women scholars it seems to me that we should develop a workshop called “What I Say No To and How I Say It.” Because it’s not just what to say no to, it’s how you do it that preserves relationships. Anyway, i’m glad to see it modeled.

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