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The last day in Hawaii, alas. Packing up the suitcase, hunting for the items lost beneath the bed. Realizing that I only took 8 pictures while I was here, and now this roll of film will languish in my camera until after Christmas, when I’ll finally take it to get developed and will open the envelope of pictures expecting to find only niecelings and nephews in various shades of green and red, only to be abruptly taken back here by the slightly grainy reproduction of the view from my balcony, the sand, the surf, the sunrise on the Royal Hawaiian.

Yes, film. You remember film, right?

Will be back in New Orleans for about a month prior to re-entry stage two — moving back to SoCal — where I’ll have a little less than a month before beginning re-entry stage three — moving back into the classroom. Am hoping that these few Hawaii pictures, and the Puritanesque delayed gratification involved in obtaining them, will provide solace some night, sitting by the light of my little desktop halogen, surrounded by papers on Native Son and feeling this sabbatical-won peace to be wholly, completely obsolesced.



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