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Rubbed Out

Entertainment Weekly recently reported on the latest shady doings from the world of la cosa nostra: Fairuza Balk, who appeared in The Sopranos‘ third-season finale as undercover FBI agent Deborah Ciccerone, tasked to approach Drea de Matteo’s Adriana La Cerva for a little girl-talk, has been replaced for season four by Lola Glaudini, formerly of NYPD Blue.

Not such big news: the two Darrins made this kind of TV-switcheroo years ago, and Agent Ciccerone’s hardly as focal as that.

Except that David Chase et al have taken this replacement to Huxleyan lengths, reshooting Balk’s scenes with Glaudini in the role for the upcoming (August 27) season three DVD release.

Reports suggest that Balk has entered the witness protection program. And about that, we’ll say no more.


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