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Just a quick one, as I’m in the midst of enormous piles of grading that I really want done by the end of the day tomorrow: I’ve just gotten an email message from my hosting provider saying that they’re shutting down as early as two weeks from now. I need recommendations for a good, inexpensive hosting provider, with a solid support record. Any advice would be appreciated; any thanks.

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  1. I currently use, and I’ve been relatively happy with them. However, I do plan to move over to 1&1 when I have some extra time and am feeling particularly motivated. I registered a domain name (one I might or might not end up using) with them when they were running a promotion for three years of free hosting, and I was very impressed with their hosting packages and support documents. Plus, the company came highly recommmended by some tech-head friends.

  2. Unfogged is hosted at Total Choice Hosting, I keep a personal site on Lunarpages and keep another site at Hosting Matters. I’m reasonably happy with Total Choice, though they’ve had a few outages that I thought should have been shorter. Same with Lunarpages. Both are very cheap and offer lots of storage, so I’ve been satisfied with their apologies for the outages. Hosting Matters is a bit more expensive, their reliability and service are a bit better than the other two, but they don’t offer nearly as much space. Any of the three is a perfectly acceptable cheap host.

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