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I found myself so discombobulated yesterday after the toe event that I couldn’t sit down and get back to work, and so instead went out and purchased and then mounted a fab new set of shelves above my home desk. I had shelves like these (though much less nice ones) mounted above my desk in a couple of apartments in New York, and it took me a while to realize that all that searching around for some new desk configuration I’ve been doing over the last month or so was all about trying to replicate the feeling of those old workspaces. So why not just go back to the wall-mounted shelves? Much, much cheaper, much more flexible, and I feel like I’ve got a whole new office.


  1. *raises hand meekly* As a lifetime California citizen, might I just comment that that type of shelving is often prone to earthquake-related issues, and thus in the event of tremor (especially those of a lateral-motion) please please move away from them rapidly. But not to rapidly cause falling down the stairs isnt any better.

  2. Advice well taken. But just FYI — of the recent earthquakage for which I’ve been in the condo, I haven’t felt a thing. Not a bit. Haven’t even known that they’d happened, except for external reports.

    Of course that last little desert one happened half an hour after my plane headed to the reunion took off for Ontario, so I can’t report on whether I’d have felt that one or not. But nothing was at all askew when I got home. The building seems relatively — and I do understand how little that means, should there be a big one — well designed for such movement.

    But again, advice well taken. And yes, I’ll watch out for the stairs. 🙂

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