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Social Entrepreneurship and Design

For the last year or so, I’ve been an extended faculty member of Claremont Graduate University’s School of Information Systems and Technology, though that affiliation has been mostly theoretical to this point. Today, however, I’m participating in a one-day retreat aimed at brainstorming the founding of a new institute of social entrepreneurship and design.

The opening panel, which just concluded, brought together John Seely Brown, Don Norman, and CGU’s Tom Horan to discuss the purposes of such an institute and how it might create innovative modes of scholarship and learning. JSB and Norman’s presentations both focused on the parts of design that often get overlooked, what Norman referred to as the “invisible layer”: the design not of technologies, but of institutions. I’m very happy to note that JSB pointed to MediaCommons as an example of a project that is focused on such institutional change, in our desire to redefine structures of authority in reinventing peer review.

More from the day as it progresses…


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