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Blog, Dammit

I finished up the looming-deadline project a full two days early, I’m happy to report, and am now turning to other phases of my summer work. I’ve got a zillion things I hope to accomplish, ranging from lots of MediaCommons stuff (with the goal of a fall launch!) to getting the new writing project that I began tinkering with over winter break up and running.

But there’s something else major that I need to accomplish, and PDQ: I need to start blogging again. I miss it terribly, but I was really only half-kidding when I suggested a few weeks ago that I’ve forgotten how to do this. I had a conversation about this yesterday with a blogging pal, who argued, as I’ve also said of myself before, that she looks at the world differently when she’s blogging actively‚ that so many more small things present themselves to her as worthy of being written about.

I’ve gotten far enough out of the habit that I don’t look at the world that way at all; nothing appears particularly worth posting. So for the next couple of weeks, I’m challenging myself simply to get back in the groove, by blogging the reading I’m doing, for instance, anything that will get the words flowing again.


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