Sports Night

I started rewatching Sports Night on Netflix this week, and am finding myself amazed, first, at how well the show has held up, not to mention how well Josh Charles and Peter Krause have held up thirteen years later.

But beyond that, and far more importantly: I’m amazed that I’d managed to completely forget the absolutely horrid laugh track.

Pretty funny to watch an underappreciated show about an underappreciated show being made for a tone-deaf network that aired on a tone-deaf network.

3 thoughts on “Sports Night

  1. My husband and I watched at least one season of Sports Night a few months ago, and I agree: it holds up incredibly well. The dialogue/acting was as strong as that on West Wing. But yes, too bad they didn’t rebel from the required laugh track. What was the first sit com that managed to do that? Only Modern Family is coming to mind.

  2. Don’t worry, the laugh track gets quieter after a few episodes and then disappears altogether at some point. Maybe after the first season. But there have been sitcoms that fought to not have laugh tracks since the 1960s (they just usually failed).

  3. We’ve been watching it, too (I had never heard of it when it originally aired), and I agree, it holds up very well. I do love the 1990s wardrobe moments, and that laugh track is regrettable. But otherwise, nothing but love.

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