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After two days at the Ithaka Sustainable Scholarship meeting, I’m back in the office today, and am taking a few minutes to take stock of where I am and what needs to be done.

This may not be the ideal moment for such a taking-stock, as I’m a teeny bit torn up from having just fallen on the escalator coming out of the subway on my way into the office. (Insult? Meet injury!) But I’m trying not to take that as an omen; great stuff is ahead today, I can tell.

Not least that this here blog is up and running again, and that I’ve got a new theme I’m mostly happy with (there’s still a bit of tinkering that needs to be done, though) and that I’m actually feeling a bit inspired by. So I’m hopeful that there will be actual content creation here in short order.

In the meantime, stock-taking, wound-soothing, and upward-moving!

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