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Stage 2, Complete

Whew again. Stage 2 of the migration is now complete. You’re looking at the new (and, one hopes, improved) Planned Obsolescence. Here’s what’s happened since the last update:

And here we are!

Do note that my primary URL has changed: since my previous hosting provider wouldn’t allow true subdomains (such as, I had set Planned Obsolescence up in a subdirectory, anticipating the possibility of further site additions. Now that my good friends at DreamHost have granted me way more subdomains than I’ll ever use, I’m able to put this page right up top, where it oughta be. Please update your links and blogrolls accordingly.

Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated — and particularly any notes about broken spots. I know that things are a little wonky in IE5/Mac, but frankly, if you’re on a Mac and still using IE, well…


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