The Sopranos

I have not yet recovered from the most recent episode (“Long Term Parking”). I’m astonished by the extent to which Chase et al have radically deromanticized the family (as well as the “family”) this season.

2 thoughts on “The Sopranos

  1. You’re not alone. That was intense. I thought the finale lacked the same uummph, though it had some funny moments (“I’ve got an IQ of 136 – it’s been tested.”)

    Overall I found the season a tad bit slow and disappointing. There were some strong episodes, but as a whole, I found myself drifting as a viewer. Yet another example of the long-running tlevision drama losing steam over the course of years (see E.R., NYPD Blue, and countless others)?

  2. Ergh. I gotta agree with you here. By comparison, the season finale was completely anti-climactic: the interesting problems (Tony’s own guys contemplating revolt!) just sorta disappear, and the overblown Johnny Sack conflict gets resolved via deus ex machina.

    And the damn bear never came back. Oh sure, we were supposed to think about the bear as Tony comes sneaking up on the house through the backyard, but you know what Chekhov would say: if you have a bear in the yard in episode 2, that bear’s gotta attack by episode 13.

    Entirely disappointing, as a season finale. And it really, for the first time, made me think that it’s time for David Chase to pack it in. I’ll watch season 6, should it appear, but I’m really hoping for a graceful conclusion of some variety.

    And I’m beginning to be afraid that we’re not going to get it.

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