Teaching Carnival 3.2

I’m deep in the thick of the best semester I’ve had in several years, so it’s taken some doing to pry me away from teaching in order to see what teaching-related stuff is going on out there in the blogosphere. Having spent some time poking around, though, I’ve found a bunch of exciting stuff for this fortnight’s only one day late Teaching Carnival! Before we start, a few reminders about the nature of the ride, a warning to keep your arms and legs inside the car at all times, and a big thank you to our guide last time. Now, off we go!

Lots of folks other than me are having good semesters, and are doing some cool stuff:

Many of us are nonetheless faced with the semester’s frustrations:

Lots of us are similarly thinking about the relationship between our lives and our jobs:

And we’re not the only ones:

  • David Silver’s twitter assignment leads to a great discussion of the value of asking students to do public, internet-based work under their own names, with key input from the students themselves.

Many of us are pondering the future of the profession, our fields, or our institutions:

Others of us are less sanguine about things, though:

Finally, this episode of Teaching Carnival could not be complete without a section devoted to the Facebook TOS dust-up of February 2009:

That’s it for this carnival! Tune in, well, 13 days from now for Teaching Carnival 3.3, hosted by the probably more responsible and on top of things Alan Benson, and remember, tag posts of yours or other folks with “teaching-carnival” on Delicious or Technorati if you’d like them included.

11 thoughts on “Teaching Carnival 3.2

  1. Thanks so much for including my site! One note: my husband is “Professor Unexpected.” I’m Terminal Degree. πŸ™‚

    But hey, my students call me Mrs. Unexpected (gah!) so I’m used to it…

  2. Gah! How completely mortifying. I completely knew that, and am appalled to have made the mistake. Consider it corrected!


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