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We’re thrilled today to announce the relaunch of The New Everyday, an experiment in “middle-state publishing” being undertaken here at MediaCommons. This relaunch brings together an exciting cluster edited by Shannon Mattern focused around Notes, Lists, and Everyday Inscriptions, with an amazing site redesign by the NYU Libraries Digital Library Technology Services group.

The New Everyday, which is part of a two-year project undertaken by the New York Visual Culture Working Group, originally launched this spring with a cluster focused on the murder of Jorge Stephen López Mercado. The project is a bottom-up publication experiment; the pieces that are published in The New Everyday are open for discussion, and are intended to be seen, both collectively and individually, as remaining somewhat “in process.”

MediaCommons members are encouraged to contribute new posts to The New Everyday, as well as to propose new clusters. We look forward to following the discussion of today’s cluster, and to seeing more such new work as you produce it.

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